iilo Creative Alliance inc. is a virtual creative services agency, co-owned by Madelen Ortega and Lisa Hemingway. We lead a collaborative group of creative professionals and deliver communication design solutions for progressive impact businesses and organizations.

“iilo” means "thread" in Spanish (spelled “hilo”) and is pronounced “ee-low” in English. We’re inspired by the idea of interdependence and the “threads” that connect people to each other, because we’re all connected.

iilo is a new business, registered as a benefit company in BC. We’ve been collaborating for over 10 years under Backyard Creative, an established creative studio in BC. Our team members have 20+ years of experience working in web and print design and communications for nonprofits, institutions, social enterprises, municipalities and communications agencies. In other words, we know our stuff!

Our mission

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We help progressive impact businesses and organizations like yours to simplify and amplify so you can rock your world-changing social and environmental initiatives.

How we can help you

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We know you’re dedicated to solving serious issues. We’ll weave together strategy and ideas and deliver results for you while having serious fun along the way, because we want you to love the process as much as we do!

Communication Design Consulting

Marketing / Communications Project Management

Full-service Graphic Design

Communications & Social Media Support

Website design, development and content strategy

Wanna collaborate?

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Tell us more about you, the world issues you’re tackling and your communications design problem and we’ll help you find solutions. Fill out our form if you're interested in working together.

Our website is a work in progress — more coming soon. If you want to learn more about us in the meantime, check out our portfolio at Backyard Creative.